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Regarding Bill  Glass
“Bill’s award winning photographs have been described as stunning, breathtaking, surreal, and timeless for good reason. Each image tells a unique story as he invites the viewer to see an amazing world through his remarkable artistic eye.”
- Lorenzo Blanchet, Gallery Curator

"The profoundly moving photographs of Mr. Glass are sold exclusively to private collectors and his images are represented in some of the premier contemporary collections of the 21st century. "

- Emery L Brannick, Fine and Rare Art Collector
"His award winning work is well known, highly collectible, and displayed at many quality art exhibits and galleries."
- Robert Everding, Exhibition Coordinator

Bill Glass is a nationally recognized multi-award winning American visual artist and a member of Master Photographers International. Bill specializes in artistic photography. During his developmental years, Bill studied with a number of internationally recognized artists including Sewell Sillman and Norman Ives of Yale University and The Silvermine College of Art, and the world renowned colorist Josef Albers of The Bauhaus, Germany and Yale University. His artistic interests involve the impact of color, light, and composition to tell a thought provoking story.


Bill, a founding member of ArtPlace - the iconic artist’s cooperative and gallery in Southport, CT, is also a member of the legendary Artists 12.

Bill holds six university degrees including degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education and also a Doctorate from Columbia University where he was named a Kappa Scholar for academic excellence. He has lectured and taught at Yale University, the University of Connecticut, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, the University of Bridgeport, and Western CT State University.


In addition to his passion for photography, Bill worked as a studio musician playing guitar for NBC in New York City. He is also a solo cellist, a former Tristate Black Belt Martial Arts Grand Champion for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and he remains an avid Japanese gardener.

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